About AnatomyLinks

AnatomyLinks is a unique educational platform for helping people understand the human body and its function through original art and videos. AnatomyLinks was developed for doctors, therapists, trainers, yoga instructors and anyone interested in the human body and movement. Join us to explore anatomy, biomechanics, neurology, physiology, fascia and movement and how they LINK together to form a more complete understanding of the body.

About Dr. Markel

Dr. Nevin Markel in front of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' end zone

Dr. Nevin Markel resides in Charlotte, NC USA and is the founder of multiple healthcare companies, a doctor of chiropractic and rehabilitation specialist. He serves on the sports medicine staff of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and consults regularly with numerous professional sports teams and athletes.

As a collegiate multi-sport athlete, Dr. Markel began to develop a keen interest in human performance. This inspired him to attend chiropractic school where he was first introduced to anatomy through dissection. School taught the essentials but upon beginning clinical practice, he realized that his knowledge was far too limited to understand human function and get excellent clinical outcomes. This experience drove him to seek out a more complete understanding of human anatomy and physiology through private dissection and expanded clinical resources such as international osteopathic and medical training. Always an avid artist since childhood, Dr. Markel began creating original drawings to help himself and fellow students understand complex topics in human anatomy. The positive feedback from the art and an increased demand for education from providers in his clinics inspired Dr. Markel to create AnatomyLinks as an educational platform.

Currently, AnatomyLinks is a trademarked teaching company with students from all over the world who enjoy the original content and teaching style. Always trying to enhance his educational offerings and improve the student’s experience has inspired Dr. Markel to create live and virtual courses that he has taught to professional and major collegiate athletic staffs and to other healthcare providers.

The mission for AnatomyLinks is to increase the student’s awareness of anatomy and function through original art while making complex topics understandable and relatable. This model for education can then be successfully applied in clinical practice to enhance the proficiency of doctors, therapists, trainers and anyone who works with the human body.


“You folks are beyond words. I let you know I have a patient with stubborn occipital neuralgia and you reply within a WEEK with a graduate level anatomy summary. It’s like having personal anatomical consultants. YOU ARE SOOOO TALENTED. Thank you!”
- Becky L., Occupational Therapist and Patreon Member
“As a physical therapy student, Anatomy Links has been an integral part of my education. The content has provided me with a deeper understanding of anatomical structure and function far beyond just muscle action, origin and insertion. This page serves as a wonderful resource for students who wish to learn more about how various tissues work together to accomplish optimal movement”
- M.M., Physical Therapist and Patreon Member
Drawing of hip links